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Suministros Danimex offers a variety of supplies and solutions according to our customers needs. We can offer supplies, spare parts for all the machinery we represent, many different types of trays for food packing, absorbent pads among other solutions for small, middle and large food proccessing industries. A detailed description of our products is given below.


High-quality clips are essential to a successful clip closure. The metal composi- tion, clip dimensions and finish are all vital factors in the integrity of the product seal. It has to keep the package securely closed under a variety of extreme conditions. Tipper Tie clips endure high heat from the cooking and smoking processes. For vacuum packed products, the clip is trusted to keep the package airtight through its entire shelf life cycle. And, for netted products, the clip has to carry heavy loads as it supports large hams through the smokehouse until the products finally reach the consumer's kitchen. The different clips offered by Suministros Danimex are:

Tipper Tie
Tipper Tie Alpina
Presentation Individual, pre-formed and U-shaped clips, Continuous, pre-formed roll clips. Continuous, pre-formed roll clips.
Shape Forma en U Trapezoidal
Serie 400G, 401G, 411K, Z201, Z401, E330 15/07, 15/08, 15/09, 18/07, 18/09, 18/11
Height (mm) 7 – 19.5 7 – 8 – 9 -11 - 12
Width (mm) 16.5 - 20 4 - 5
Thickness (mm)   1.25 – 1.5 – 1.75 - 2
Distant between clips (mm) NA 17

Elastic nets.
Suministros Danimex offers a full range of nets in various types and strengths, supplied in rolls to meet our customers varying product needs. These nets are commercialized in packs of 50 shrinked rolls of 50 mts length.



The string loops are obtainable on rolls of 3.000 loops. The loops are positioned precisely both during production and clipping, and are automatically inserted in the clip and clipped into position. This loops could be use to carry heavy loads as it supports the weight product through the cooking process.



Absorbent pads.
These brand new absorbent pads are specially designed for maximum retention of liquids. These pads are ideal for a variety of meat, fish and poultry applications producing more appealing packages that look better and lasts longer in demanding retail applications. Absorbent pads are commercialized in packs of 2000 pieces.



Thermoformed trays.
Suministros Danimex offers a large selection of thermoformed trays made with the best films to ensure an excelent quality of our products. Our trays are available in highly transparent or tinted colors and they come in a large variety of sizes that can be sealed in all conventional tray sealers. These trays are suitable for deep freezing, for the micowave and with or without high barrier against oxigen, moisture and external agents. The different types of trays available are:

SDX trays
Form´plast trays
Height (H) (17 - 80) mm (10 - 100) mm
Width (W) (15.3 +/- 0.2) cm (15.4 +/- 0.3) cm
Length (L) (21.3 +/- 0.2) cm (21.4 +/- 0.3) cm
Available colors Clear, white, black Clear, white, black

Trays are commercialized in boxes of 200-250 SDX trays or 350-700 form´plast trays, according to the tray model.