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Suministros Danimex is a pioneer company in the introduction of new technologies in Venezuela, a task developed for more than twenty years with the support of our suppliers. As a result we have achieved the introduction of technologies which have become widely use nowadays in the Venezuelan market. All these achievements are a reason for being proud of our work but also motivates us to be enterproneurs, introducing in Venezuela high technology machinery, products, supplies, etc.

All these results were possible thanks to our excelent pre and post sales service that we offer to our customers, giving them an efficient preventive maintenance as well as the supply of spare parts required in the maintenance of all the equipments sold. In order to accomplish this job in an appropriate and efficient way we have an excellent sales staff and the best qualified technical service team, permanently updating their knowledge in the technologies managed today and the future technologies to be introduced, taking courses here in Venezuela with the best technicians sent from our suppliers or abroad.

Our technicians are available whenever our customers need them without time restriccions.