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Suministros Danimex provides many different packing solutions according to our customers needs. We can offer fibrous casings, cellulose casigns, natural casings, pouches, laminates, thermoform casings and many other solutions for the food proccessing industry. A detailed description of our products is given below:


“Zero weight loss” casings (High performance cassings).
Visflex®: High performance casings for a wide range of processed meat, poultry and cheese applications. These casings are ideal for water, steam or smokehouse processing, offering excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties. Visflex casigns are commercialized in clear, red, orange and brown colors whitin 1000-1500mts shrinked rolls. Casings diameter can vary from 65-140 mm.

Vismax®: Maximum performance casings for molded and formed processed meat and poultry applications. Ideal for water, steam or smokehouse processing, vismax casings offer excellent moisture barrier and maximum oxygen barrier properties, maximizing product shelf life, protecting against surface oxidation and discoloration. Vismax casigns are commercialized in clear color whitin 500-1000mts shrinked rolls. Casings diameter can vay from 150-300 mm.



Fibrous casings.
Fibrous casings feature exceptional diameter uniformity, very high mechanical strength, and are permeable to smoke and water vapor. They are used for a wide range of applications, including processed meats, dried sausages, etc and products which are specially intended for slicing. Fibrous Casing types available are the following:

• Regular Fibrous Casings: no internal or external treatment.
• E-Z PEEL® Fibrous Casings: provide easy product release for high speed peeling.
• MP Fibrous Casings: have a moisture proof coating to keep water in the product and oxygen out.
• E-Z SMOKE®: premoisturized Fibrous casing is treated with liquid smoke that will transfer smoke flavor and color to the surface of the product.
Fibrous casigns are commercialized in amber and smoked colors whitin 600-1200 mts shrinked rolls. Casings diameter can vay from 42-198 mm.


Cellulose casings.
Cellulose casings are designed to give finished products an attractive, shiny appearance, stretches to fit the shape of the product and it is easy to print. These casings are used mainly for the production of processed meats such as bologna, salami, wieners, viennas, cocktail sausages, etc. Cellulose casing types available are the following:

•H.S. (Large diameter cellulose casing): High stretch, thick walled, used specially for mortadella, cooked hams, etc. H.S. casigns are commercialized in clear color whitin packs of 800 pieces of 240mm lenght. Casings diameter can vay from 87-211 mm.
•Nojax (small diameter cellulose casing): NOJAX Casings are produced in the form of shirred sticks designed for the production of hot dogs, small diameter cooked sausages, dry mini salamis, etc. NOJAX casing are suitable for high speed automatic stuffing machines on today's most modern high speed production lines, as well as for manual stuffing operations. These casings are commercialized in packs of 200-300 or 400 (17-64 mts) shirred casing sticks. Casings diameter can vay from 14.5-41 mm.


Shrink bags for vacuum packed products.
Shrink bags are specially designed for low-abuse applications and vacuum packing of fresh food products like meat, poultry, cheese, sausages, vegetables, etc. These bags have been designed to provide high barrier properties and controlled permeability rates in order to preserve the original characteristics of the packed products. These bags are commercialized in packs of 500-2000 pieces of 5-46 cm lenght, 10-122 cm width.



We offer a complete range of laminate materials including rollstock and thermoform laminates options based on polyestyrene, polyester and other materials, that provides an effective packaging alternative for a great variety of products. These laminates could be use as top/bottom laminate for vacuum packing of any different kind of sausage and processed foods, but also could be used for others purposes on standard thermoforming machines. Our laminates offer exceptional characteristics, barrier properties, above-average transparency and high throughput rates during thermoforming processes. These laminates are commercialized in shrinked rolls of 350-800 m lenght, 270-500 mm width.



Cook-in bags and films.
A thought, abuse-resistant casing that withstands typical maximum cooking conditions of 180 degrees F for up to 8 hours. Yet despite the rigors of processing, they remain clear and strong to present an aesthetically pleasing package at retail. These bags are commercialized in packs of 500 pieces of 216-279 mm width, 483 mm lenght.



These “non thermoformable” bags are made with multilayers coextruded films quite resistent to mechanical forces. These bags are used specially for vacuum packing of processed meats, cheese and other types of food. Pouches are commercialized in packs of 800-4800 pieces of 152-432 mm width, 216-762 mm lenght.



Natural casings.
Natural casings obtained from pork intestine, washed and preserved on salty water to preserve its characteristics. The casings are free of external agents and are sold in packets of 90 mts leght max.