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Suministros Danimex provides many different food ingredients according to our customers needs. We can offer food flavour enhancers, seasonings, physical properties enhancers, potato starch, texturizers, milk replacer ingredients, fermentation enhancers, fat concentrates, and many other solutions for the food proccessing industry. A detailed description of our products is given below.


Modified potato starch.  

X-amilo 100®: This is a cross-linked potato starch, which means that some of the starch chains in the starch granules are linked in a chemical bond. Among other things, this bond gives you a shorter and creamier texture of the boiled gel/pasta and it is more resistant when you expose it to heavy processing such as low pH, mechanical treatment, long heat-up time and high processing temperatures.

Adamil®: Adamyl is a group of chemically modified potato starches that we have both cross-linked and stabilised (esterified) chains. Adamyl can withstand heavy processing (such as long heat-up time, low pH or mechanical processing) and forms a clear stable gel/paste with a minimum of retrogradation and syneresis (water separation). Adamyl provides a texture that ranges from short and creamy to medium-short and pulpy – depending on the level of cross-linking and esterification. Adamyl was specially develo ped for use in a wide range of applications, the main groups being soups, gravies, ket chup, meat and dairy products.



Native potato starch.


Native potato starch is an untreated starch with a high degree of purity in physical, chemical and microbiological terms. Superior potato starch gives you a high viscosity paste that is very transparent and depending on the concentration used, you will get either a gel or a paste when it cools. Superior potato starch was developed for a wide range of applications, for example as a thickening/binding agent, as a texturiser and as an anti-caking agent.

Each kind of potato starch is commercialized in 25 Kg sacks.



Monosodium Glutamate.


Glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, an amino acid present in virtually all pro tein. It has a remarkable ability to bring out and enhance the original flavor of many foods. It also promotes a highly blended and full-bodies perception of flavour. For exam ple, Glutamate harmonizes the wide range of flavors in soups, sauces, etc Glutamate works well in a wide variety of dishes such as meat, fish, poultry and many vegetables, and also harmonizes well with salty and sour tastes.Monosodium glutamate is commercialized in 25 Kg sacks.



Sodium inosinate.


Natural product applied as an enhancer of natural aroma, taste and flavour properties of meat products. Sodium inosinate is commercialized in 25 Kg sacks.





Transglutaminase is an enzyme with the revolutionary ability to improve the physical properties of various foods containing proteins. It can be applied in a variety of food processes, which offers many different possibilities for the food-processing industry, for example meat products (sausages, ham, etc) or dairy products (yoghurt).Transglutaminase is commercialized in 1 Kg sacks.



Sodium tripolyphosphate.


It is a netural component of almost all kind of food. It is used as a key ingredient for production of processed meat, poultry, etc.Sodium tripolyphosphate is commercialized in 25 Kg sacks



Milk replacer ingredients.


Milk replacer ingredients are used in the food industry as an excellent and economical substitute or alternative to skimmed milk powder in many products like ice cream, processed cheese, bakery products, and other savoury applications. Depending on the application, 25-100% of the non fat milk solids can be replaced by our products. Among other benefits, our milk replacer ingredients contribute as a browning agent, improve moisture retention, binding, and structural features such as 'bite' and consistency, etc depending on the product used and the application.Milk replacer ingredients are packed and commercialzed in 25 Kg bags.


Fat concentrates.


An ideal cost effective replacement for whole milk powder or milk, where milk solids and vegetable fat are desirable for taste and milky performance. These excellent properties products, based on vegetable fat, milk fat or protein free fat, improve shelf life, food taste, appearance, mouthfeel, etc while contributing to cost reduction of the final products.Milk replacer ingredients are packed and commercialzed in 25 Kg bags.


Texturiser ingredients.


We offer a large variety of ideal texturiser ingredients suitable for various kinds of yoghurt, ice cream and bakery products. These products can be used as whipping and stabilising agents for the preparation of ready-to-eat aerated desserts, to provide a smooth texture, fine air bubbles, a good melting behaviour in the mouth and a bland taste in a wide range of applications, from natural yoghurt, dairy yoghurt products, fruited and diet yoghurt products, fresh cheese products but also ice cream and many different desserts products.Milk replacer ingredients are packed and commercialzed in 25 Kg bags.



Fermentation enhancers.


Suministros Danimex offer an exclusive line of fermentation enhancers based on protein especially developed to optimise yoghurt fermentation. The effects of these products strongly depends on yoghurt culture, process conditions and the formula used.Milk replacer ingredients are packed and commercialzed in 25 Kg bags.