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Suministros Danimex offers a variety of equipments intended for the food processing and packing, specially for the meat, poultry industry. Also we can offer, in case of a problem, all the spare parts required for all of our machinery. We are the exclussive distributor of the best equipments worldwide in packing solutions, meat recovery, sausage stuffers, sausage linking, meat and poultry products injectors, slicers, hygene equipments and many other solutions requires for the food processing industry. A detailed explanation of our products is given below:


Standard pickle injectors for beef and poultry.

High quality machines built of stainless steel for injecting salt and phosphate solution, marinades or other liquids into beef/poultry. Continuous operation, considerably less handling, and higher yield can be controlled. All machines are equipped with stainless steel or delrin conveyor and manual control for speed and pressure.


Meat recovery equipments (Soft separators).

We offer an ergonomic machine system that offer highly efficient and gentle product processing with minimal space requirements that allows the revaluation of lower quality meat. Through the use of a flexible squeezing belt, the product is transported to a perforated drum where the harder particles remain outside of the drum.


Sausages stuffers.

Suministros Danimex offer a large variety of vacuumized stuffers, featuring the best pump set in the industry, delivering the shortest product travel distance and an accurate computer portioning control which offers up to 98 programs for an easy changeover and batch-to-batch consistency, maximum air removal for better shelf life, and lower casing costs.



Using a proven two-hole plate and a two-knife head system, this machine increases throughput rates up to 12000 Kg/h or higher depending on hole plate sizes and size of materials being processed. Highly accurate PLC controls safeguard product quality and ensure repeatability. Products solution for a wide range of applications like hot dogs and other sausage, fruits/vegetables purees, etc.


Clipping machines.

Suministros Danimex offers the best clipping machines used in many industries including meat, poultry, cheese, etc. These automatic or semi-automatic machines built completely in stainless steel can be employed to safely and securely close(employing natural or artificial casings), all types of sausage including dry and semi-dry products as well as cheese items, soups and more. When high production output is required, these machines can also be connected directly to a stuffer/pump unit for high-speed and efficient production. A labeler, a thread and a lopper are available options for these machines, allowing users to produce rings and hanging products that looks better and are suitable for cocking processes.



Ideal food slicers for cutting nearly any kind of food. These slicers, available in manual or automatic models, are made of stainless steel whith a powerful motor for continuous operation. Both slicers present an friendly user operation and have an ergonomic design which is quick and easy to clean.



Ideal mincers made of steinless steel, specially designed to produce better minced meat that keeps its red colour and looks fresh for a much longer time because there is no warming up in the mincing process, getting a minced meat that looks always appetizing even after mincing it twice or more.


Food Cutters.

Table top food cutters and industrial cutters made of stainless steel; bowl and knife-assembly are driven by 2 separate motors allowing all types of food can be cleanly cut and mixed at the same time in only a few seconds. These cutters are much easier to clean as stainless steel is resistant against detergents, etc which are necessary in order to fulfil hygienic requirements.


Rollstock Machines.

This machines are specially designed for packing of food products as well as non-food products. Once the thermoformed packs are produced, products can be loaded manually or automatically into the pocket or transformed lower web before sealing to the upper web takes place. The result is a product with an excelent appearance and a longer shelf life.


Labeling Machines.

We offer a wide range of labeling, coding and printing systems which extends from manual label dispensers to special custom designed labeling machines. The benefits of using labeling machines for your products are an easy and efficient operation, high performance among other benefits.


Chamber Machines for vacuum and gas packing.

Suministros Danimex offers a wide range of vacuum machines, from single chambers to automatic machines that can be use to pack practically anything that fits in a pouch(or a tray) and the vacuum chamber. Products can be sealed with a vacuum or the chamber is filled with an inert gas to give a modified atmosphere pack. All of our chamber machines are designed for universal use, and have a convenient electronic control unit with a program memory for different products.


Handling equipments.

Suministros Danimex offers a large variety of equipments requierd for the proper handling of almost any kind of food. We offer stainless steel containers with polyamide wheels, trolleys for pig legs, deboned hams, etc, racks for hams or sausages, flat tables with fixed legs, and many other products required in the food industry.


Hygiene equipments.

One factor which is very important in the food industry is the hygiene not only of the environment where products are prepared but also of the people who is preparing it, that's why having an excellent hygiene system is indispensable. Suministros danimex offers a large variety of hygiene equitments, from simple washbasings, hand sanitizers, etc to integrated hygiene systems. Also we offer equitments for the cleaning of handling equitments like washing machines for bins, knife washers and sterilizers, bootwashers and products like floor drains, lockers, boot dryers, cabinets, dressing rooms, etc.


Cutting lines.

Nowadays is very important to produce goods of good quality as fast as posible. For this reasong Suministros Danimex offers an excelnt line of products specially tailored to satisfy the requirements of the meat poultry industry. We offer cutting lines and deboning lines and machines with pvc belts, work stations, main control system and if required weight sorters. All these products will allow the customer to processed meat and poultry ina very hygienic and efficient way.



We offer a large variety of the best traysealers in the market, from semi-automatic to totally automatic machines. The trays employed can be selected from a wide range of different sizes, divisions, materials and colours. The trays can be either filled separately and then loaded in the traysealer or they are filled directly on the traysealer. All the other production operations are carried out automatically,.and finally remove the finished(sealed) packs.


Skinning and Trimming Equipments.

We offer a complete line of Skinning equipment that are unmatched in accuracy and performance, giving our customers the most reliable, accurate and effective skinning ever available, that can be use to remove skin and membrane from pork, poultry, beef or fish which are round, flat or irregular.


Sausage Linking Equipments.

Our linkers are the best machines in the market, and are available in a wide variety of models to fit the needs of any process, small, medium or large. These machines can use almost any kind of casing and could fill, link and hang sausages at rates of up to 1,500 kilos per hour, ensuring a complete control over the sausage's size and weight. Every sausage will be the same length, same weight and the same size with diameters varying from 13mm to 36mm.